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Jean Jacques Wyndaele

ESSIC President

Dear all,

I hope to see many of you during the upcoming ESSIC annual scientific meeting in Budapest, September 21-23 2017.

A lot is happening in the world of chronic pelvic pain and bladder pain syndrome. Several new treatment modalities are under research and much is being learnt from more extended clinical studies. Many items will be presented and discussed when we meet. With your help ESSIC is in the process of being built into the World Scientific Society on these topics.

Come and meet the new Board Members and join the discussion also on the administrative and educational developments.

Budapest is a wonderful city and those who have visited before will agree with me. The local host Prof Sandor Lovasz  is well known to us and a longstanding authority in the field.

So take your agenda and block the dates. It will be worthwhile.


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Sandor Lovasz

ESSIC 2017 Meeting Chair

Dear Guests & Friends,

It is my pleasure and honour having the chance to organize the Annual Meeting of ESSIC 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

This country offers a quite good example of a territory with a low detection rate of IC/BPS and insufficient cooperation between urologists, gynaecologists and GPs. Therefore, having the ESSIC meeting in Budapest is a big opportunity for us to reverse this trend. I am confident Budapest will be a proper venue for this challenging conference and health professionals will certainly deliver new and inspiring ideas. ESSIC is furthermore the right organization to discuss, collect and share new thoughts, ideas, and innovations; new generations of doctors are expected to contribute with alternative and original proposals in this medical area.

Besides this uniquely inspiring scientific programme, it is worth mentioning that Budapest is a beautiful capital, with a 2000 year old history; it also offers magnificent buildings and stunning views from both sides of the Danube. Budapest therefore has all it takes to become for you a pleasurable journey; you may even end up considering to come back to the city for a long family holiday. Looking forward to welcoming you all in Budapest on September 2017. Warmest Regards,

Sandor Lovasz MD. PhD.

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