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For anyone who is interested in improving clinical care for their BPS-IC patients. This year's ESSIC conference focus is on the multidisciplinary team and shows you who to incorporate in your clinical network to provide optimal care of your patients. The international setting gives you a chance to meet the experts and get you up-to-date with the latest scientific evidence.

We hope to see you in vibrant Amsterdam!


Dick AW Janssen

MD PhD, Chair Organizing Committee  

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ESSIC 2019 is a unique opportunity to attend an international conference entirely devoted to IC/BPS. A “must” for IC/BPS patient advocates who need to stay abreast of the latest developments and report back to their support group members. 

Does your IC/BPS clinic have a multidisciplinary approach? Find out how to tackle this challenging condition at the ESSIC 2019 international conference in Amsterdam. 

Jane Meijlink

BA Hons, MCIJ, Organizing Committee  

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