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Jean Jacques Wyndaele

ESSIC President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You are warmly invited to attend the important ESSIC meeting in New Delhi this year. ESSIC “the international society for Bladder Pain syndrome /Interstitial cystitis “has a long tradition of excellent research, education and promotion of the condition. The ESSIC meetings are a must for all those specifically involved in this pathological entity. The wealth of information the participants get, the possibility of networking , the friendly atmosphere  and open discussions leave no one untouched. New Delhi is a far trip for participants of parts of the world but you van be sure that Dr Taneja and our PCO Defoe will make it worthwile. Hope to see you there.  

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Rajesh Taneja 

ESSIC 2016 Meeting Chair

Dear Friends, 

It is my proud privilege to invite you for the annual meeting of ESSIC, to be held in New Delhi, India between 17-19 November 2016. Bladder pain syndrome, erstwhile known as Interstitial Cystitis, has been considered an elusive disease, with varying definitions to diverse clinical presentations. Delhi is equally diverse in its cultural and historical heritage. The annual meeting would be conducted in comfortable ambience and would include one and a half day of deliberations by experts from all over the world. The following day would be a workshop for the clinicians, who intend to sensitize themselves with the basics of clinical approach to patients of BPS/IC, as presented by the stalwarts from the globe. I am sure this meeting is going to be a scientific bonanza for the experts as well as the beginners alike. Looking forward to welcoming you all to the pleasant weather of November in New Delhi. 

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